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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meeting by ECPAT in Teak Garden resort Chiang Rai

On 30 of June, ECPAT foundation invited local organisations of Chiang Rai to join in the launching of The YPP project in Northern Thailand. Childlife and 3 other organisation in Chiang Rai were invited to the meeting in the Teak Garden Resort and Hotel in Chiang Rai. 3 staff of Childlife joined the meeting.
In the meeting, ECPAT introduced the organisations and invited them to share about what they do. Next, the staff of ECPAT introduced the Youth Partnership Project (YPP) to participants. This project is successfully run in South Asia, India, Napal and Bangkaladesh with youth survivors of commercial sexual and exploitation. ECPAT started this project in Thailand and YPP is going on its 3rd year in Thailand. The organisations that joined the meeting have the will let their children join the project.
Children from Childlife will join the project and be informed about causes and prevention of sexual exploitation. The project will start from next month.

Papaya Salad contest and no electricity

All staff and children will meet together before the end of every month. In the meeting, children can tell their problems to the staff to find a solution. There are also other activities during the day. This month activity is a Payaya salad contest. Children are split into 4 group and the representatives are showing their ability in making papaya salad. This time we don't have papaya so we use Santon instead of papaya. They enjoyed this activiy and tasted different dishes of Santon salad. A few months ago the electric generator broke, we have fixed it many times but it continues to break down. It is no longer worth while to have the generator fixed so we no longer have electricity at the shelter. We have to wait for enough money to buy new one. Until then the children must do homework by candle light in the evening.It is difficult for children to do their work and other nightly rountine activities by candle light. Thanks to their tough back ground of life, it is not too big of a deal, but we hope to save enough money for a generator so the kids can enjoy electricity again soon.

Children doing their homework under candle light

Visiting and donating rice by a monk.

When we begin to run low on rice in our storehouse, P' Don, head of office staff, tries to raise funds for rice. Some of our friends in Chiang Rai suggested that we contact a buddhist temple in Chiang rai. After learning more about our organization, one of the monks, Luangpo Popchoke of Wat Huayplakang in Chiang Rai, contacted us and donated funds for us to buy rice for the children in Baannana.

He approved budget to buy rice, 200 bags of rice, 5 km per a bag and came visit by himself. After giving rice bags to children, he spoke to the children, telling them that after being on the receiving end of charity, they should be givers of charity in the future. He comes to help regardless of the religion children here believe, Buddist or Christian or Islam. He helps all.

Cooking activity

This Saturday, children in Baannana have fun with cooking for themselves activity. They have to find some vegetable and the kitchen will prepare some eggs and other seasoning for them. They will work, cooking, in their group. After cooking, they will choose the place to sit and have dinner together. They have a lot of fun with cooking. They can learn from each other to cook and have fun at the same time. They have to create menu from ingredient they have.

Visiting from Khun Raja of Sathyasai Foundation

On June 9, Khun Raja of Sathyasai Foundation Thailand visited Childlife to follow up the situation of children here after accident and see the land nearby school where Childlife plants rice in drying season. He accompanied with people from Malasia to check the land and maybe start some agriculture project with the land. We plqnted rice very late so we got a little rice seed this season but it is good to start to plant first and improve it later.After milling, we can get rice to eat for 7 sacks. We get this rice after we asked for from people. One buddhis monk in Chiang Rai came to donate rice, 200 sacks, 5 km per a sack, for children in Baannana. Including with our rice from our farm, children can have rice for consumption until the end of this month.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Update of car accident from Chidlife

This is an update from Baannana in June and about car accident.

The end of May and the beginning of June this year is one of the busiest week for staff and children in Childlife. It started with the car accident on Monday of the week and the other days of the week is busy for staff. Some staff have to go forth and back between Chiang Rai, which hospital 3 girls had been admitted to a hospital in, and Maesai where most of girls are and Childlife is located. Some staff has to follow up the case with police man in Maesai police station. Some staff has to check and contact with the schools about the accident insurance that the school made for children. Some staff has to try to raise some fund for the hospital cost happening by the accident. It is very busy week apart from the first week schools opened.
This week, June 6-10, is better than last week. There is only one girl in Chiang Rai hospital waiting for operation. And one girl, who came back to the shelter and recovers in the shelter, gets headache very much so we have to bring her to Maesai hospital and doctor says that she has to stay under taking care of doctor and nurses in hospital. This girl got hurt with her head in the accident and was unconscious from the accident so when we sent her to Maesai hospital, the doctor there referred this and 2 of her friends to Chiang Rai hospital where the doctors and medical equipment are better and more sufficient than in Maesai. Tonight we have to let her stay in the hospital again and try to find a solution for her case.
Thank you to P’ Terng and P’ Yood, who are in charge of the issue, P’ Jeab and P’ Beer who stay over nights in the hospital in Chiang Rai and girls from the shelter who stay with the patient in the hospital. Thanks to everyone who gives hand during the accident.
The girl who is waiting for the operation will get operated on Wednesday if there is no something strange happening before the day. We hope that she will get operated in the day and become better and be able to go to school soon. Every day she waits for one sentence from doctors and nurses in the hospital, that sentence is “ You can go back home”. The sentence that every patient want to hear most from the doctor and nurses.

Most of children in the car of the accident can go to school and try to catch the lesson they missed during the accident and recovering time. School time become of them again after accident. We hope that they enjoy studying time in school more than in the past.

Thank you our friends who transferred fund to help children of the accident.
PDA (Population and Community Development Association) Chiang Rai,
Amicus Foundation, Thailand.
School for Life, Chiang Mai
Rosemary Ormsby, Australia.
Dr. Gudrun Daugs and Goldkinder Foundation, Germany.
Davis Lowe
Lutz Durrmeier
Saimoklaejokmao group (กลุ่มสายหมอกและจอกเมา ชลบุรี) from Chonburi.
And other people who are anonymous for doing good thing for kids. Helping but not telling us.

This is the bank account detail to transfer fund to help for the hospital cost and expenses to be spent during recovering and fixing the car.
Bank Transfer Donations:
Account name: MaeSai Childlife
Account number: 176-2-31580-3
Bank: Kasikornbank, Mae Sai Branch

Please email us at in order to track the fund transferred.
Thank you in advance for help you offer for children who get hurt from the accident.
This is some of an update from Childlife and we will send more update to you.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Update of car accident

This is an update from Baannana at the beginning of June about car accident of the 2nd of June, 2011.

The first day of the accident, 30 of May, 2011.
The first night of the accident, 10 children ( 2 boys and 8 girls) can come back to Childlife but under observing the condition by staff. They stayed over the night at the office in town because it is easy to send them back to the hospital if their condition get worst.
3 girls were admitted to Maesai hospital and stayed there. 2 of them stayed for 1 night and next day, they can come back home, Childlife. 1 girl had to stay for 2 nights and came back to Childlife on June 1st .
3 girls were referred to Chiang Rai hospital at the first day according to their condition after the accident. One of them got hurt with her hips bone and leg bone. She needs operation but has to wait until her leg is not swollen. Today, 2nd of June, she doesn’t get operated yet but has to wait for the operation next week and then after getting operated, has to stay in hospital for a while, maybe 4-5 days or a week. One girls can come back home after staying over a night at the hospital . This girl is not hurt seriously. But now another girl who got hurt with her head has stayed for many nights, until today 4 night including tonight. The condition of this girl is quite serious because it is related to head and brain. Although she can come back home in few days, she need the recovery for at least 1-2 weeks before being able to go back to school. Poor girl.

The car in the accident is driven to be fixed in the garage after finishing the process in the police station. The cost of reparing is around 9-10,000 baht.

This is the bank account detail to transfer fund to help for the hospital cost and expenses to be spent during recovering and fixing the car.

Kasikornthai Bank, Maesai branch.
Bank account no. 176-2-31580-3
Bank account name; Maesai Childlife
Please email us at in order to track the fund transferred.

Thank you in advance for help you offer for children who get hurt from the accident.

This is some of an update from Childlife and we will send more update to you.


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