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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pencils and school stuff from Pencilsforkids, America.

Pencilsforkids from the United State of America contacted Childlife to donate school stuff such as pencils, pens, and other stationery in bag pack for children in Childlife to use in school before school opens. This trip is the second time of Pencilsforkids to visit and donate school stuff bag pack to children in Childlife. This trip Loretta Jitner the founder and president of the “Pencilsforkids’ and her volunteers came to visit and donated stationery for many schools in the northern of Thailand including Childlife. After some communication problems, finally Loretta and her staff came to Childlife on the 18th of May to donate stationery in bag packs for children. That day, most of children went to school so there were some children who study in half day school in shelter and in Non formal education learning center left in shelter. Staff of Pencilsforkids gave the bag packs full of school stuff and some school uniforms to these children and gave the rest to staff to give out to all children later. Pee Ying presented these school bag packs and some uniforms to children the day after. Children received this bagpack with face of smilling. Thank You very much for your very big heart, Retta.

Learning Organic farming at Farmer School.

Leadership developing Activity
The group of children of the child council from Childlife went to join training workshop about the organic farming at Yonok Lanna farmer field school, Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai. Ajarn Pat Santad from “Thailand Farmer Field School’ and Khun Sukanya Charernporn, the owner of the school, are the lecturer in this workshop for children and staff from Childlife.
The farming which children learned from the Farmer Field School is the alternative farming. The school teaches the new way of agriculture that trains farmer to be able to rely on themselves. This school teaches organic farming without any chemical substances, neither chemical compost nor insecticide in farm. The idea is that farmer should create the good soil by using the organic fertilizer and microorganism from banana shoot to cover all the vegetable patch. This means will increase the useful substance in soil and can prevent the plant pest and make plants strong and resist plant deceases. Vegetables’ taste is good. The school does not only teach rice farming but also teach mixed agricultures such as plant, rice, vegetables fishing and livestock.
Staff and children got trained to make organic fertilizer from microorganism from banana shoot, making soups, hormone from eggs, herb water for health and others. It was very good workshop because staff and children learned from the workshop by doing.

Children from Childlife were commended that were very good and it was the lovely group to learn there, compared to children from other schools or other places. This made children and staff very happy with this training workshop. Children made commitment that they will use what they learned from this work shop and will pass this to their friends in Childlife shelter. Children will have organic vegetable to consume in the shelter.
Thank you very to staff of Yonok Lanna Farmer Field school.

Volunteer from Switzerland

Andrea Weibel, from Switzerland, or Pee Chompoo of children in Baannana volunteered to help children in shelter and to teach English in Baan San Khong school where primary students from Baannana go to study between March to April, 2010. Usually Pee Andrea creates and prepares many activities to do with children very well and today Pee Andrea teaches children to make bracelet from knitting wool. This will let children learn to be patient and to get their bracelet by their own effort. Small children of Baannana learn this from Pee Andrea eagerly and they like it vey much. Thank you very much Pee Andrea, we will miss you.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to be farmer.

Thailand, our contry, is agricultural country so Childlife kids as Thais should have to know and follow their parents' way of life to be farmer. We realize that all kids in Childlife, wherever they are from or whoever they are, or whereever their original life is from, should learn how to be happy in simple life.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Blog comes back again.

Nearly 2 year we never updated our blog because we did not have any staff to update.
Now, we have staff who can update this blog.Our blog becomes alive again.


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