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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thank you Khun Yuki

Every 2-3 months, Yuki Hayashi comes to visit Childlife once and goes with staff of Childlife to buy dailylife belongings for children in Childlife. This time, Yuki came before Songkran festival, 7-9 of April, in Maesai so he could not join the water festival here. The first day, he and staff bought things in Tesco Lotus and next day at the market in Maesai city. He usually goes with staff to buy things by himself, whatever Childlife needs, and offers one meal for children in the shelter of Baannana. This time, he offered Gai Yang Ha Daow, five stars grilled chicken for children. Children in Childlife waited for this meal for a couple of months and they really enjoyed this meal when the time came. He also joined this meal with children in Childlife. Thank you very much, Yukisan,

These are some pictures of him during joined the meal with children at Childlife. At the day, we sat down on the playground behind the kitchen and enjoyed our meal with grilled chicken. It was one of the wonderful meal we ever have.

After spending 2 days in Maesai buying things, he went to Bangkok to do his business there. Come back when you have time, children are still waiting for you.


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